We have two (2) payment methods for international shipping at the moment: 

Online Payment via Paypal - When you're ready to pay your order, you will be directed to our payment terminal to validate your Paypal account.
Online Payment via Credit/Debit Card -
Valid for credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, JCB and AMEX

Valid for debit cards: Visa and Mastercard only


We can only support estimated days of delivery. Once the items have been shipped, you may view detailed information regarding your order status through our shipping partner site. If unforeseen events may arise, such as natural calamities, additional days for delivery will be needed.


We will be sending two (2) email notifications upon checking out your order:

Order Confirmation
This contains your order number, the order amount, item(s) ordered, your billing, and delivery address, including the payment method used and how you will be receiving order updates.  

Order is on the way
An “order is on the way” email will be sent to your email address. Along with the email is the link going to our courier's website. You can directly communicate with their Portal Live to check your in transit order status.

Order cancellation is subject for approval, kindly send an email to our customer service via shop@intl.penshoppe.com for order assessment.

Any kind of modification (change of size and color, change of item) are not allowed. For changes in details pertaining to the shipment of your order, please direct to our courier's Portal Live for further assistance. Note that some changes may incur additional cost. 

Vouchers should be entered during the transaction during the check-out process by entering the alphanumeric code provided for you. 

Online Orders

For restocking of items, we do not have an exact date/time for replenishment on our website. To see real-time updates of stocks and various items to choose from, mix and match affordable fashion essentials that may suit your style by clicking this link: https://intl.penshoppe.com

We cannot include a paper bag in your international online store purchase as it is exclusively allocated in our physical stores in the Philippines only.  All international/local online store orders are packed in Penshoppe's shipping pouch - a singular plastic or box depending on the quantity.

For personal details: please direct to our courier's Portal Live for further assistance.
For order modification (change of size and color, change of item):
We can no longer change or modify any item/s in your order check out.

For self-initiated cancellation: Order cancellation is subject for approval, kindly send an email to our customer service via shop@intl.penshoppe.com for order assessment.

For automatic cancellation/system glitch: If the order has already been paid through Paypal/Credit/Debit Card – based on the bank's policy it may take 10 to 15 business days before it reflects on your account. However, you may opt to receive your refund through Store Credit Voucher.

Store Credit Voucher has no expiry date
This can be used anytime at https://intl.penshoppe.com
Send your approval to revert your payment through Store Credit Voucher at shop@intl.penshoppe.com

We're glad to hear that you're interested in our products. Allow us to assist you better on your bulk order by sending us the following details below at shop@intl.penshoppe.com

Buyer's Information 
Company (if applicable):
Contact number:
Email Address:
Purpose of bulk order:

Order Information
Product Name:
Product Code:
Product Link on the website:
Color Variation:
Sizes per variation:

Return, Exchange, and Refund

You may return item/s purchased online from Penshoppe. However, only apparels, footwear and bags are allowed. All return claims shall be made within 24 hours upon receipt of the item. 

1. Contact our customer service via shop@intl.penshoppe.com for order assessment
2. Specify the reason for the return/exchange and send as an image of the item
3. All return items shall be evaluated to confirm its condition
4. Our customer service representative will provide you with an approval of your claims
5. An email will be sent containing your approval and the courier return slip

- This is only applicable for size replacement; we will inform you of the availability of the size that you need
- Shipping and handling cost will be shouldered by the customer
- For defective or wrong items delivered, Shipping fee for the return of items will be shouldered by Penshoppe.

- This is only applicable to defective or wrong items delivered.
- Processing of refund will only happen once items are confirmed to have been surrendered to our shipping partner.
- Payments refunds will be processed through the original payment method. Depending on the bank or processing entity this may take between 10-15 business days. 

If you have further questions, send an email to shop@intl.penshoppe.com and our Customer Care Team will respond within 24 hours.

For Maya refunds, please take note of the following:

• Refunds via original payment method may take 20-30 business days
• Refunds are subject for approval. Accepted Reason of Refund:
  - Damaged
  - Manufacturing Defect
  - Wrong Item received
• Shipping/delivery fee will be refunded if the case is under the accepted reasons of refund (see above mentioned)

For PayPal refunds, please take note of the following:

• Once a refund request has been issued by our Customer Care Representative, the amount should go to your account balance on the 3-4 business day
• Refunds are subject for approval. Accepted Reason of Refund:
  - Damaged
  - Manufacturing Defect
  - Wrong Item received
• Shipping/delivery fee will be refunded if the case is under the accepted reasons of refund (see above mentioned)


Unfortunately, there are countries that we cannot ship to at this time. Please see list here, visit us again as we update the countries that we can deliver to.

• Shipping & Delivery to International customers
• Our online store receives orders non-stop and you will receive your order based on the estimated delivery date during your check out.
• Our standard delivery is 7-14 days but varies from country to country.
• In the event that your shipping address is Out of Delivery Area (ODA), additional charges may apply.

Out of Delivery Area
Applicable surcharges by tier:
  Tier A: PHP 176 per shipment
  Tier B: PHP 1,200 per shipment or PHP 22 per kg, whichever is greater
  Tier C: PHP 1,560 per shipment or PHP 29 per kg, whichever is greater
  * Our courier imposes a surcharge for shipments to areas outside those in which its own couriers pick up and deliver cargo (OPA and ODA areas).
  OPA and ODA Surcharges are not applied to 10kg or 25kg Box shipments.
  A list of ZIP and postal codes where these surcharges apply (effective from January 17, 2022) is available here

Information provided upon order placement should be accurate. Below charges are not included in the initial shipping fee provided in the purchase, payments will be collected by shipping partner directly:

Address Correction: PHP 586 per shipment
International Broker Select: PHP 563 per shipment or PHP 65 per kg, whichever is greater
Saturday Pick Up: PHP 868 per shipment
Saturday Delivery: PHP 868 per shipment
Additional List of Charges is found here.  

You will be receiving an email notification from our shipping partner for the status of your delivery. A proposed date will be provided to you, if this is not convenient, you may visit our courier's Delivery Manager portal to choose an alternative delivery date. Registration will be required. 

On the day of the delivery, you will be receiving a reminder that your package is on its way or if any delay is expected. Should you be unavailable, they will try to redeliver the package. 

For further changes on the delivery schedule request, you may course it directly thru our courier's Delivery Manager.

Shipping to different countries will entail applicable VAT / TAX on the goods upon delivery in their destination country. We do not have control over these charges. Please be aware of your country's regulations for shipping. A list of the possible charges are listed here.  

For order cancellation requests, kindly send an email to our customer service via shop@intl.penshoppe.com.

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